Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kaisercraft advent calendar: FINISHED!!!

So here it is! I have left the center area almost completely blank b/c I will be putting nativity stickers in the drawers. Each day the boys will open a drawer and we will look up a verse of the bible related to the account of Jesus' birth and they can put the stickers in the middle. Some days they might even find something yummy in there too. Next year I can change what is in the center (I used repositionable tape).

Final thoughts:

quality of the materials used for the kit are very good
* I still really like the overall design
* Reasonable price
* Starting with a raw product means that your advent calendar is unique.

time- hard to know how long it took me in total to do this, but probably 10-12 hours with waiting time in between for paint to dry.
* NO INSTRUCTIONS (I'm sorry, am I repeating myself?)
* heavy item- if you are paying for shipping you might be charged extra.

My supplies:
Cosmo Cricket Early Bird collection, Reeves acrylic paints, thickers for some of the numbers & alpha, kraft cardstock, Papertrey Ink stamp (Silent Night set).

If you are interested in having bible verses as part of an advent activity, the verses I am using are below. We are only doing a 14 day countdown since 24 days is way too long for a 2 & 4 year old!

Thanks for taking the advent calendar journey with me :)

1) Micah 5:2 Bethlehem

2) Isaiah 9:6 Virgin with child

3) Luke 1:26-28 Gabriel

4) Luke 1:29-31 Mary troubled

5) Luke 1:32-33 Eternal kingdom

6) Matthew 1:18 Mary pregnant

7) Matthew 1:20- 21 Name Jesus

8) Luke 2:7 Manger

9) Luke 2:8-9 Shepherds

10) Luke 2:10- 12 Angels speak

11) Luke 2:13-14 Angels praise

12) Luke 2:15-16 Shepherds find Jesus

13) Matthew 2:1-2 Wise men see star

14) Matthew 2:10-11 Wise men give gifts


  1. Oh my gosh it's such a masterpiece! I love it! But WOW it was a lot of work! I can't believe that they didn't come with instructions! What are they thinking? I love your idea of putting bible verses on there, I would love to do it too with my child. but the amount ofwork is well crazy!

  2. Wow Jen, it looks fabulous. I love the idea of the verses and the centre that can be changed. A lot of work - but well worth it. It will be a special item in your house.

  3. LOVE it Jen! Wow you've done such a fantastic job...and I love that you can change the centre every year!

    Sheree xx

  4. This....this is awesome. I love it, festive and fun and focused on what Christmas is truly about. Just beautiful. I bet the boys are excited.

  5. I was working on mine today too. It's fun, but time consuming.
    There are instructions if you go to the Kaiser Craft website. I think it should say that on the package :)
    I love the way you are doing yours too!

  6. So I have a question where did you put the 1/2" x 12" wood piece at?

    yours looks good! thanks for the help.