Thursday, October 14, 2010

A card in ten minutes

Jennifer McGuire does amazing videos. And she has recently started a new stamping series called Holiday Thinking Inking. Visit her blog to find out more.

I used one of the techniques she showed in the most recent video to create the background for this card. I love how quick and easy it was to get a layered look to this plain white cardstock. The whole thing was done and dusted in less than ten minutes. I will say that I think this works best with heavy weight cardstock or watercolour paper. Mine is 300gsm (about as thick as you can get).

Tip: Use a tiny hole punch to make a notch in the side of the card where you want the twine to wrap around- it sits much more nicely in place on the card.


  1. Gorgeous! love this card and congrats Jen on the tweet from Jen McGuire :)