Saturday, March 20, 2010

Airplane birthday cake

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So my big A who is turning 5 has a long running obsession with airplanes. But I couldn't face making an airplane shaped cake, so instead I have made my favourite chocolate cake as normal but added some airport decorations.

Supplies used:
Angel food cake tin (creates a hole in the center of the cake and forms the base of the tower.)
Foil covered chocolate airplanes
Cardboard roll- use something sturdy like the inside of cling wrap roll.
Empty ribbon roll
bamboo skewers
Wooden number
coloured cardstock or patterned paper
glitter embossing powder (optional)

Basically the air traffic control tower is formed by the cardboard roll and the ribbon roll with paint and cardstock for decoration. The wooden number I painted and also covered with glitter embossing powder. It was hard to attach- I had to sew it on!

The chocolate airplanes you can get online or at specialty confectionery stores. Use fairly thick gauge wire and wind around something round (I used a paintbrush handle) and then wind tightly around the bamboo skewer (cut to the length you need.)

I'll be back later with airplane party activity ideas, and the party favour bags.


  1. Wow Jen you're so clever! That cake looks awesome! Your little man must've been so excited when he saw it!

    Sheree xx

  2. Oh little A must have been thrilled with that masterpiece. What an awesome piece of work that is Jen :)