Sunday, March 21, 2010

Airplane birthday party ideas

My husband came up with these great ideas for activities

- pin the propeller on the airplane
- Fighters and bombers (essentially a game of catch- the bombers have to run from one end to the other and if a fighter catches them they become a fighter too.)
- Make several paper airplanes and let the kids fly them around or have organised challenges for distance, best stunt, accuracy (aim at a hoop or target)
- set up a foam rocket toy (one with a foot air pump). Maybe see who can get it to go the highest.

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-I put a few lollies in a snaplock bag and stapled a tag with a ribbon loop to it. Each child went home with a helium balloon tied to the loop of the bag.
- Styrofoam gliders can be bought online for about $1 each.
- packet of Aeroplane jelly

Apart from the cake I didn't do any other themed food. But easy to make food for the kids that I would recommend:
- popcorn
- jellycups
- chocolate crackles/rice crispies/honeyjoys
- mini cupcakes (there are some great packet kits out there that supply the cases, icing and decorations all in one box.)


  1. My goodness Jen, that birthday party sounds not only super organised but a TON of fun as well. Hope your little man had a wonderful day.
    And that cake looks wonderful too, very creative.

  2. Some really cool party ideas Jen! I'm sure everyone had a load of fun!

    Sheree xx

  3. Jen

    I wished I had been at the party too, sounds like so much fun....LOL, I hope that you all had a great time and lots of happy memories.